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16 December
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How To Clean the Refrigerator

commercial refrigerator perthFor many people, a refrigerator is the centrepiece of their kitchen – it is where they store their food and for large restaurants, this appliance is used to make their drinks refreshing for their customers.

Commercial refrigeration units make up an integral part for such businesses. Without these units, any food and drink business would end up spending more by buying ingredients on a daily basis, or worse, per hour basis.

This is the main reason why maintaining your refrigerator is extremely important. One great way of taking good care of your refrigerator is by regularly cleaning it. Keeping your commercial fridge clean will not just prolong its life, but it will also promote health and food safety for your customers, the ones who actually keep your business alive.

Refrigerator cleaning can often be frustrating and tedious. Because refrigeration appliance come in many styles, colours and models, keeping your refrigerator clean all the time can be a bit of a challenge.

Luckily, there is an article posted at The Kitchn that will help you make refrigerator cleaning a lot easier than usual. By following the steps on how to properly give a scrub to your appliance, you can ensure that it will prolong its life and will keep the food inside of it safe and free from contaminants.

Read the full article here: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-clean-the-refrigerator-cleaning-lessons-from-the-kitchn-203976

07 July
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Choosing the Right Commercial Freezers

People who own a restaurant, a bar, or a coffee shop understand and appreciate the value of high quality commercial freezers. Commercial refrigerators such as blast chillers, freezers and display fridges are essential appliances for any business in the food preparation and catering industry. It is also important for such businesses to find a reliable and good supplier like SRA.net.au to supply us with the units that we unit.

commercial freezersSo if you are running a food preparation or catering business, keeping your food products and drinks at their optimal condition is an absolute must and commercial refrigerators are playing a crucial part. They keep your goods at the correct temperatures, for the appropriate lengths of time, and in environments that keep the food from being contaminated by other foods, dirt or debris and dust.

Choosing the right commercial refrigeration appliance or appliances for your business can be a bit tricky but it is extremely important for you to choose the right unit that suits you. The appliance that you will be purchasing requires investment of time and money so make sure that the one you buy will suit your needs and space available in your business.

Luckily, working with a great commercial refrigeration mechanics and supplier like SRA your investment in your business will help you run a successful commercial kitchen and serve your customers the very best quality foods at all times.